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Andrew College, Cuthbert, GA

In the summer of 2018, the Jones Chapel at Andrew College in Cuthbert, GA suffered near catastrophic damage inside due to a faulty sprinkler system. Much of the interior had to be gutted and rebuilt. The 1960’s 2-manual, 2 rank pipe organ was also damaged beyond repair. It was deemed that purchasing a new 2-manual Allen model G220IDK would be a more viable option in replacing the venerable pipe organ. A custom instrument was chosen, offering a far better stoplist for future and current organists than what the previous pipe organ did; that organ consisted of an 8′ Flute and 8′ Principal that was heavily borrowed upon to create other pitch levels and give the illusion of a bigger organ.

The new instrument is equipped with both internal speakers and four external speakers installed within the original pipe organ chamber. The chapel is now filled with stops and sounds never heard before on the previous organ. The stoplist and photos of this organ can be found below.

Due to building damage, we worked hand in hand with the college and their insurance company to come up with the perfect instrument to everyone’s satisfaction. If your current organ has suffered damage of any kind and the church/insurance company is looking for a replacement, please let us know that while discussing the purchase of an Allen Organ. We are more than happy to work with your insurance company to find the best possible avenue for purchasing a new organ!



32′ Contra Violone
16′ Principal
16′ Bourdon
16′ Lieblich Gedackt (SW)
8′ Principal
8′ Flute
4′ Octave
Mixture IV
16′ Bombarde
4′ Clarion

8′ Rohr Bourdon
8′ Viole
8′ Viole Celeste
4′ Traverse Flute
4′ Geigen Octave
2′ Piccolo
2 2/3′ Nasard
1 3/5′ Tierce
Plein-Jeu IV
16′ Basson
8′ Hautbois
8′ Trompette

16′ Violone
8′ Harmonic Flute
8′ Principal
8′ Flute Dolce Celeste II (SW)
4′ Octave
4′ Flute
2′ Fifteenth
Mixture IV
8′ Trumpet