Allen Organ News

Apex Technology Debut

In another revolutionary leap forward in digital organs, Allen Organs has introduced their new Apex processing system. The Apex system allows the organ to produce sound like never before due to massive processing power, along with an equally massive amount …

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Recent Installation

Hartwell Methodist Church, Hartwell, GA

Hartwell Methodist Church in Hartwell, GA is now home to a 4-manual Allen GX450 model Allen organ, installed in June of 2024. After the church decided to renovate/remodel the sanctuary, it was also decided to upgrade the organ as well. …

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Upcoming Installations

Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA

Morehouse College is now home to an Allen model GX340 that will be used as a portable instrument that can be moved to various events around the college’s campus as needed. The organ is capable of being played via its …

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